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QLS is a UK-based company operating globally. Our brand is directly associated with quality management in all of its forms . We are synonymous with the best practices in the support of Original Equipment Manufacturers and their Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers.


Where Do We Work?


Headquartered in Norfolk, United Kingdom, QLS has national locations in the South East, Wales, Midlands, East Anglia, North East and the North West. Internationally, QLS operates across Europe, Asia, North and South America, these locations are serviced by QLS branch offices and experienced, trusted trading partner networks.

QLS: Working Locations

Who Do We Work For?


We work alongside many of the world’s largest suppliers and OEM’s across many sectors. Our customers benefit from our expertise and professionalism and we always endeavour to provide fresh ideas and assistance on improving overall quality and process efficiency. Due to their global footprint, we realise many of our customers face economical and geographic challenges within the locations they source, manufacture and assemble their products. We promote and provide manufacturing excellence throughout all these locations.

Services We Can Provide


Our inspection and rework activities form part of a comprehensive support service. We provide third party containment and inspection services at numerous OEM’s and throughout the supply chain - inspecting and reworking components and assemblies to bring them up to specification. Fire wall containments can be provided at either your location or your suppliers. We are able to offer re-manufacturing and vehicle on wheels rectification - these are carried out at OEM site compounds or holding compounds operated by vehicle distribution companies.

QLS provides a wide range of quality engineering services to our customers - these include accreditation support, supplier and product audits, product launch, supplier development, quality systems, problem solving and quality improvement. All of these services are provided by a team of experienced Quality Engineers and Quality Managers. We have a proven track record on delivering results.

QLS: Full Range of Services

QLS Engineering


Each of our teams are trained in all aspects of quality inspection and reworks. Made up of highly skilled, experienced individuals, they are are focused on maintaining quality throughout the supply chain. 


Our experienced engineers can work alongside your team and are able to provide anything from weekly to long term support and can even take full ownership and management of whole projects on your behalf. All our engineers are handpicked and have exceptional knowledge and experience in all areas of automotive, manufacturing and engine production.


QLS operates a quality Management System in compliance with BS EN ISO 9001:2015


Whatever your requirements, we will supply you with the right expertise.

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