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Resident Engineers represent your company and are treated as one of your employees and always endeavour to achieve a good working relationship with your own Engineers.


Their main responsibilities are to:

  • Provide on-site technical support and liaison with Engineering, Production, Quality, Material Planning, Logistics (MP&L), Packaging, and Part Recall.

  • Facilitate a quick and efficient response to issues and provide verification and analysis of a defect.

  • Resolve any problems on-site, so minimising the risk of parts rejections due to quality failure which would have led to production downtime.

  • Provide immediate contact with Suppliers to provide details of defect parts (photos, analysis results, etc.)

  • Organise the shipment of parts back to the Supplier.

  • Handle part warranties, including component strip down and technical reporting.


Our experienced Engineers are always on

site and can react swiftly and efficiently to find solutions to any emerging problems.

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