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By the very nature of our business, this can mean almost anything. Rework can often provide an alternative to scrapping products or may even be required to keep lines running to avoid the extensive costs of lost productivity. We have, within our company’s long history, technically reworked almost everything - from nuts and bolts to complete vehicles and every material type within a vehicle assembly.


Building on our knowledge and experience in the industry, we have been able to help our customers lower costs through reductions in waste as a result of our rework processes. Regardless of the type of rework required, our methodology remains the same throughout - we are able to offer high quality, money, and time-saving reworks using Engineers with high levels of both skill and experience both on-site and at our own premises.


Component Level

Generally, this will be a batch of components that are known to be faulty either notified by a supplier from point of origin or discovered in the plant. Rework could include:

  • Electrical component reflashes.

  • Making physical changes, by drilling, cutting, trimming, fettling metal (both ferrous and non-ferrous), or plastic material components. QLS also has expertise in glass, rubber, fabrics, leather and any other material that can be found within a vehicle.

  • Assembly strip-downs, part re-machining, and subsequent re-assembly.

  • Re-machining using CNC capabilities.

  • The conversion of obsolete stock back into a useable specification.

  • Building additional components onto existing assemblies

Component level rework can be carried out at the manufacturers or end-Users premises or at our own rework facility. We run our own 500 m2 facility in the UK which is very well equipped with tooling and general equipment, including specialist material handling. Within this facility, we are able to remove or intercept your product before it arrives at your end-customer and carry out the necessary repairs, reworks, or sub-assembly operations. Delivery is then via our own transport or, for larger consignments, heavy haulage hire.

Vehicles in Production

This is normally conducted at a set production station that requires QLS technicians to work alongside the OEM’s staff. Often involving a functional rework, repair or replacement of a single or complex part that does not function properly on a vehicle in production.

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