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This is a service which places a full-time Launch Engineer with the OEM or Tier 1 launch team during the lead into new series production.

The QLS Launch Engineer supports the timing and quality of pre-production and production-approved parts at the Customer’s manufacturing location. The Engineer also deals with any Customer or OEM problems by acting as a member of the Supplier's team.

Once production has commenced, the QLS Launch Engineer becomes the Liaison Engineer and maintains the Supplier's corporate profile.

The Engineer liaises with all departments at the manufacturing location and deals with any Customer issues and attends any launch meetings. The Liaison Engineer become the eyes and ears of the Supplier, feeding queries and solutions between Supplier and Customer.


The Liaison Engineer also organises inspection of any suspect parts and can arrange any reworks needed to minimise stock loss.

Rework of faulty components can be performed to Client instructions, either on-site or at a QLS facility.

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