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QLS can provide the following range of Inspection and Containment services:

Control Shipping Level One Inspection (CSL1)

QLS are able to provide a third party inspection for a one-off quality spill, containing the spill and ensuring that production remains unaffected by removing any non-conforming parts - these are either reworked or placed in a NOK status. The inspection would remain in place until certified good stock became available. 

Quality Wall or Firewall Provision

Similar to a launch audit, but this is usually required when the supplier is having multiple delivery failures and would probably have had a number of repeat CSL1 inspections at the end-user's facility

Pre-Launch or Launch Audit Inspection

Just prior to a new vehicle launch, QLS is able to provide a team of inspectors to ensure that the new product meets the required specification before it is delivered to the end customer.

Control Shipping Level Two Inspection (CSL2)

This is the most stringent level of inspection, only to be applied in the most severe of cases and would be instigated if the firewall fall-out was not improving. At this point, a team from the end-User, a QLS Quality Engineering Support team and the Supplier would agree on a

plan of action that would have agreed targets. The QLS team would facilitate in the agreement of an exit criteria which, once reached, would result in the removal of the CSL2.

GP-12 Containment

When a new part has been designed and has moved into the production Suppliers are often required to establish a pre-launch control procedure in which 100% of the parts manufactured are contained and inspected before being allowed to move on through the supply chain. This GP-12 procedure lasts for a specified time period or until a specified number of parts has been inspected.

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