QLS was founded in 1986, which makes us the oldest Quality Services provider in Europe!


Incorporated in 1997, QLS - Quality Liaison Services Limited was formed to provide a range of quality engineering services to the automotive industry. In recent years it has expanded into non-automotive industries in order that others can benefit from the experiences of the world's largest manufacturing businesses.


The range of products and projects we have been involved in is vast and, over the years, we have completed over 30,000 projects from simple visual inspections to major vehicle rectifications - from a single quality engineer to programme managing a number of complete systems both interior and exterior.


Our wealth of experience ranges from launches in North America to the Middle East, mainland Europe and in the UK. Our projects range from the build and marketing of  buses in South Africa through to a major rework for a very well-known brand of games console manufacturer just in time for Christmas.


This broad range of experience over many years has seen the business constantly evolving and diversifying, pushing our performance in a unique blend of engineering applications with speed and deployment at its heart.

With a strong historical base and a vision for the future, QLS will always be there to support your Quality Engineering requirements.