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To date, QLS have visited over 50 different compound locations in 30 different countries, carrying out over 100 vehicle campaigns, inspecting or repairing over a quarter of a million vehicles for seven OEMs.

Our Post-Production Reworks (Vehicle-on-wheels) generally take three forms:

Batch and Hold 

Vehicles that are built with a known fault and are finished and left in a holding area waiting for rework. This would include vehicles that are built with known missing components or systems.

Finished Vehicle Sweeps 

Vehicles that have been completed, bought-off as good, and reside in the yard area. Subsequently, a fault, which was not known at the time of manufacture, comes to light. These vehicles are usually identified by a specific VIN number batch.

Compound Retro-Fits

These vehicles will have been built and shipped out of the OEM manufacturing plant and be in numerous ports and holding compounds waiting for distribution to main dealers.

Our inspections and repairs fall into three main categories:

  • Inspection: The suspect vehicle is located and inspected (OK/NOK identification).

  • Repair by Reflash: Upload replacement software via the OBD port.

  • Mechanical Repair: Repair by mechanical replacement or mechanical adjustment.

With our international network, QLS are very well placed to offer vehicle on wheels inspections and repairs at a distribution compound for finished vehicles. Our level of expertise in this area is second to none.

We are able to provide organised and dedicated teams where and when they are needed. These teams coordinate ship arrivals and the supply of replacement parts and provide up to the minute progress reports.

QLS carries a comprehensive kit of tooling, both mechanical and electrical, to enable us to carry out all types of retrofit activities at short notice, anywhere in the world.

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